Replacement vintage style 1920’s type fishbowls for antique fishbowl stands.

As I was collecting vintage fishbowl stands the past 40 years I noticed that I would find only 1 original bowl for approximately every 10 stands I found. I began a search to try and replicate the 1920’s era fishbowls that went with these stands and found the journey was not an easy one. I finally figured out I would have to make an iron glass bowl mold (about $4,000. in cost) and find a glass company that would do a small production run of these bowls. Turns out the minimum run was 100 bowls and some of the designs go with such rare stands that I probably will not sell the original production run of 100 in my lifetime! So, this was a labor of love for me to get bowls for all my stands that were missing them. The most popular one I sell, the 3-gallon canteen bowl, is the most difficult to make and I have gone through 3 glass companies that refuse to make this one anymore as they tell me they break 2 for every 1 they successfully blow/make!!

When determining which bowl, you need please take into consideration the width of the bowl cradle and match this with the bowl width. (bowl should be slightly narrower.) Also, please put felt on the bottom of your bowl cradle so the bowl does not sit directly on metal and make sure no decorative metal on the sides put any pressure of your bowl. If you are unsure of which bowl you need please send me a picture of your stand and include a photo of the top bowl cradle looking straight down.

International Aquarium and Pet Museum

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