Civil War Aquarium

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This amazing antique aquarium, made in the 1860's, is one of only two known examples left in existence. The original, which was cast in iron, has relief images of Civil War soldiers with their faithful dog plus men and women in period dress. The iron sides are a "tree" with a squirrel eating a nut on top. The base has water lilies, shells and rocks all cast in iron. The top four corner "finials" are of cranes.

About 25 years ago I decided to make a limited number of this rare aquarium for the collectors or decorators out there that appreciate American Cast Iron artwork. Little did I know how long this project would take or how difficult it would be to complete. Over 100 hours goes into each tank from start to finish. The castings are meticulously hand painted by a local San Luis Obispo artist using a time-consuming layering effect that takes 25+ hours per aquarium to complete. All these aquariums have been sealed using modern methods and have been "water tested" so they are fish ready should you chose to set them up with live tropical fish or goldfish. has made a "limited edition" on 15 aquariums signed (by the artist who painted them) and numbered. The first 5 were pre-sold so we currently have 10 left available for sale. Please contact us should you have any additional questions regarding these important pieces of aquarium and cast iron history.

Size in Gallons (Approx.):12.5 gallon
Width: 27 in.
Depth: 16 in.
Height: 15.75 in.