NEW! - Large Egyptian Revival Glass Fish Bowl for Vintage Fishbowl Stands


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This is for one 1.5 gallon "Egyptian Revival" shape fishbowl that fits many of the odd Verona fishbowl stands from the 1920's. Size: 10" tall x 10 1/2" wide at widest point x 5 3/8" wide at base. Measure the base of your fishbowl holder and it should be roughly 6" wide. Send me a picture of your stand if you are unsure. All bowls are shipped double-boxed and insured. The private molds to make these bowls cost $3-4,000. each so this is a labor of love (not money) as I also collect fishbowl stands and had lots missing the bowls!

Size in Gallons (Approx.): 1.5 Gallon

Width: 10.5 in.

Height: 10 in